Improper braking by truckers can cause serious accidents

All truckers are required to carry a commercial driver’s license because of the need to know how to properly and safely operate a big, heavy rig. There are many mistakes truck drivers can make that could cause a serious accident to himself or others. One in particular is if the driver of a big commercial […]

Big rigs carrying hazardous materials pose greater dangers in trucking accidents


Accidents involving automobiles and big trucks are among the most devastating on the U.S. highways because of the weight and size of big rigs. Add hazardous materials to a truck involved in an accident, and the potential for greater injury, catastrophic property damage and the public safety become credible concerns. More than 800,000 18-wheelers carry […]

Common worksite accidents experienced by construction workers


Construction work can be hard and worksite accidents can be dangerous. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous industries in which to work. Out of every 5,000 private-industry worker deaths, 20 percent come from construction jobs. That’s one out of every five worker fatalities related to construction. Common construction work […]

If a trespasser gets injured on your property can he sue you?


The reason people have premises liability insurance for their home or business is to insure that if someone gets injured on their property, and it was because of their negligence, they would have the funds to pay for the person’s damages from their policy. As a property owner, you have a responsibility to keep your […]

Which is best when riding a motorcycle? Hand or turn signals?


You can never be too safe when riding a motorcycle. That’s why the question of whether to use hand or turn signals needs discussion. A quick answer, however, is “Both are needed.” Back in the day, hand signals used to be the only way to signal your intentions when driving a motorcycle or a passenger […]

The top 5 car accidents you can avoid causing


According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2019, an estimated 38,800 people died in car accidents in the U.S., with 4.4 million people injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Human error caused almost every single one. If you stay attentive and drive defensively, there are some accidents that you can avoid causing to […]

How to prevent dog bites in New York


For a nation that loves their best friends so much, the sad truth is that they can sometimes turn on you or others.  In 2019, approximately 4.5 million dog bites occurred in the United States and nearly 1 out of 5 bites became infected. In the previous year, 27,000 people had to have reconstructive surgery because […]

Do you know what to do if you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident?


Although we hope you never have to use this information, it’s very important that you know what to do if you’re ever injured in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault. To ensure a successful personal injury claim, some of what you’d need to do is time sensitive. What to do if you’ve been […]

What is premises liability and what can you do if injured on someone’s property?


If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property due to their negligence in maintaining a safe environment, you may have a claim against the property owner’s premises liability insurance. What is premises liability? Property owners (or non-owner property users) are, by law, responsible for maintaining the safety of the property or premises so that no one gets […]

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims


The loss of a loved one will always be devastating and may be even more intolerable when the death was preventable. When a death is the result of another’s negligence or wrongdoing, holding the guilty party legally responsible may offer some degree of relief, since at least justice would be served. The legal term for […]