What to know if you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler

18 wheeler accident

When a motor vehicle is involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, chances are the vehicle’s occupants won’t escape some level of injury. An accident with a big rig can not only lead to serious injury, but to possible legal and insurance expenses. If you are involved in a trucking accident caused by the negligence […]

Improper braking by truckers can cause serious accidents

All truckers are required to carry a commercial driver’s license because of the need to know how to properly and safely operate a big, heavy rig. There are many mistakes truck drivers can make that could cause a serious accident to himself or others. One in particular is if the driver of a big commercial […]

Big rigs carrying hazardous materials pose greater dangers in trucking accidents


Accidents involving automobiles and big trucks are among the most devastating on the U.S. highways because of the weight and size of big rigs. Add hazardous materials to a truck involved in an accident, and the potential for greater injury, catastrophic property damage and the public safety become credible concerns. More than 800,000 18-wheelers carry […]

Six Most Common Causes of Big Truck Accidents

Every driver must share the road with big trucks. Unfortunately, a collision with a big truck is very dangerous as they are twenty times the size and weight of most other motor vehicles. Because of the immense size and weight of big trucks, those involved in trucking accidents frequently sustain serious personal injuries and even […]